Natural, hand crafted and elegant Coconut shell candle holders! Just the perfect light to compliment the cozy winter nights...A hot cuppa chocolate or coffee and a touch of warmth ....

Each of these handcrafted holders are unique in size, shape and imperfections! They retain their actual shape and size and the variations are the characteristics of the all natural shell. Untouched by chemicals and polished with coconut oil, the rawness only adds to the charm of these beauties. These Coconut shells are light weight, durable and easy to maintain.


It comes with thread.



  • While using a tea-light candle or diya, do not leave unattended with flame .



  • If it breaks, you can break it further and put it into the compost, it is as good as food waste and will ensure the organic level of your compost.


Coconut Shell Diya - 1 Diya