This is one of the most amazing lip balms we have ever created. We 100% guarantee that you will be left with the silkiest lips after usage for 4 days.

Almond Oil is another ingredient widely used as a remedy to get rid of dark lips. VitaminE Oil – helps to heal and soothe chapped skin. It is also extremely nourishing for your skin from within.

Directions: Apply a thick layer on your lips before going to sleep at night. Wake up the next morning to the softest lips ever.


Ingredients: Rosehip Oil, Almond Oil, Bees wax, Flaxseed Oil, Lanolin , Castor Oil , Vitamin E Oil

 Net Weight :- 5 gms + approx

Miracle Lip Balm - Rosehip Oil,Flaxseed Oil,Almond Oil