How do we protect those beautiful locks of baby hair? Our new shampoo bar contains VitaminE Oil and Olive Oil which is great for babies. Some babies tend to have dry or dull hair. Due to lack of essential nourishment their hair  has the tendency to get entangled easily. You will love this extremely mild and gentle shampoo bar. And the smell is soooo yummy!

VitaminEOil can stimulate capillary growth in your scalp, which in turn supports hair growth. It prevents breakage and pesky split ends and it’s antioxidants even boost hair’s elasticity and shine for babies.

OliveOil contains a lot of elements, majorly antioxidants as well as vitamin A. All of these work together in maintaining a substantial amount of keratin in the baby’s hair. This works in trapping the moisture within, allowing the hair to be healthier and shinier. New hair growth is also stimulated as a result of it.

This bar of Shampoo will last more than 8 months for a baby.


Net Weight :- 100 gms

Directions of use : Rub shampoo on wet scalp atleast 2 or 3 times, lather and rinse until hair is clean.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, SCI (from coconut)Unrefined Shea Butter, Vitamin E,Conditioning Emulsifier, Vannila Bean Extract, Preservative Eco, Plant Fragrance.


Olive Babies Shampoo Bar - ఆలివ్ పిల్లల షాంపూ సబ్బు- 100 grams