Coconut Palm wood is one of the most sustainable woods on the planet. Coconut trees after giving fruit for 4 years they cut down and burned as after 4 years new coconut trees need to be planted so wood which is been cut cosider as waste. We collect the Palm wood and convert them into these beautiful cutlery after cut, sanded and cleaned and apply coconut oil for its better life. 100% Made from Coconut Palm Wood, handcrafted into beautiful and unique spoon. From Nature to your Home. Every coconut spoon is unique with different wood patterns.They are great for every day use - Salad, Smoothies, Ice-cream, snacks etc



No harmful plastic, chemical, or toxins. Your coconut Spoons are from natural harvesting to craft. Original Coconut Wood. Handmade. Unique pattern in each Spoon. Light Weight, carry while travelling trekking to avoid plastic usage.

Coconut Wood Spoon