Steam Distilled Rose Water is formulated with the steam distilled technique which makes it the purest form of Rose Water.


It works as a face toner, makeup remover, and face-mist, too.


It helps to remove excess oil, prevent acne, pimples, rashes, and irritation.


Maintains the pH level of the skin and boosts collagen and balances oil on the skin.


Cleanses our skin by removing all the impurities, making it flawless and glowing.


There are no Chemicals, no Preservatives and definitely no Artificial Fragrances in our Rose Water.


Suitable For All Skin Types. Normal, Oily, Dry and sensitive. We haven’t included Witch Hazel in this toner as it can be a trigger for Rosacea. So you can use it with confidence that it will not make you break out in rash! 


Net Weight: 200 ml


Ingredients:  100% Steam Distilled Rose Water


Directions of use : Take a few drops and apply directly to clean face . For best results , do it twice a day.

Steam Distilled Rose Water (Toner)