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Ultimate Detan Soap is a blend of natural ingredients which help lighten your skin and improve your complexion. It helps detoxify your skin, remove a tan, and lighten your skin tone.

Manjistha roots, Licorice and Tamarind extract help skin lightening. Turmeric essential oil helps with its anti-inflammation and antibacterial properties. Milk, Yogurt and Aloe Vera give a radiant and youthful look.

Get your  magical glow back on track !


Ingredients:- Saponified Manjistha , Turmeric , Infused Shea Butter, Full fat Milk , Mulethi , Lime essential oil , Turmeric essential oil , Hill Side Honey , Coconut Oil , Castor Oil , Palm Oil, Unrefined Kokum Butter, Unrefined Sal Butter ,Sugar , Rosemary Essential oil ,Distilled Water , Aloe Vera Gel, Yogurt, Orange Peel , Rose Powder , Red Sandalwood .

Net Weight :- 135 gms + approx

Ultimate Detan Soap - డి టాన్ సబ్బు (135+grams)

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