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  • Layer wet kitchen waste with 3-4 handfuls of our compost maker powder
  • Sprinkle 200-250g  over each  30cm layer of new material,no waste should be visible, this helps control fruit flies.
  • Water the compost heap if the waste is dry or woody with approximately 4.5L (1 watering can)
  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 each time a new layer is added. Your compost will be ready to use when dark, brown and crumbly. The time this takes varies from a few weeks to several months, dependent on air temperature and the materials you use.


Our Compost Maker will accelerate the natural decomposition process. When finished the compost will be a crumbly, friable mixture ideal for garden use.


  • Increases organic content
  • Improving soil workability and
  • Natural fertility

Best Before : 3 months from the Manufactured Month, if stored in well ventilated rooms in original packings at cool dry place at temperatures below 40C.

Kitchen Waste Compost Maker Powder -కంపోస్ట్ మేకర్ పొడి

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