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Ditch the plastic and say Hello to these reusable, good looking metallic straws.

By using a reusable drinking straw, you will be taking the necessary steps towards developing a more sustainable world. Bringing you these stylish stainless-steel straws which are the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic straws. Made from Food Grade Stainless Steel, these straws have rounded tips which are sustainably engineered to give you the perfect sip. Each straw is sterilized to maintain essential hygiene standards. They are dishwasher friendly.


Our metal straws blend seamlessly with table decor and are great for travelling as well as parties. You can enjoy your smoothie, bubble tea, juice, etc. anywhere with ease.


Our straws are made without any harmful chemicals and are safe for everyone to use. They feature ridges for better grip and comfort — so you can leave disposable straws behind!


Sip Responsibly! And, Avoid Plastic Straws.

Reusable Straight Stainless Steel Straw - 8mm Diameter

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