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SUNNIPINDI HERBAL BATH SOAP is a herbal bath soap that has been used from ancient times in South India. 


This herbal bathing soap is made of 12 natural herbs which are gentle and will bring glow to your skin. If used regularly, it helps to cure common problems like acne, dry skin, unwanted body hair, rashes without loading your skin with unwanted harmful chemicals.


You can use it as your face & body soap. Ideal for daily use by children, men and women.


Ingredients: – Saponified Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Unrefined Sal Butter, Pungam Oil, Nalangu Maavu (12 herbs), Unrefined Kokum Butter , Olive Oil , Rice Bran Oil, Distilled Water, Sugar and Salt.


Herbs used - Green Gram, Kasthuri Manjal/Haldi , Paneer Rose, Avarampoo, Besan Powder , Neem, Karbogsrisi, Vasumbu, Marikolundhu, Korai Kizhangu/Nut Grass, Vettiver, Poolan Kizhangu/White Turmeric, Adhimadhuram, Hibiscus


Net Weight :- 135 gms + approx




Sunnipindi Herbal Bath Soap - సున్నిపిండి సబ్బు (135+grams)

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